Shredding services starting at $125.00


Document Destruction

Chesapeak Shredding uses state of the art commercial shredders to handle all of your document destruction and paper shredding needs. Our truck mounted document shredders make quick work of your papers, documents and files – no job is too big or too small. The best part about our mobile shredding service is the peace of mind you get by knowing that your confidential documents cannot be recreated or reproduced. Whether you have a regular service program or are simply performing an annual clean-out, you can be assured your information will be safely and securely destroyed. Chesapeak Shredding is a member of NAID.

Electronic Recycling

E-Waste Recycling Is Safe & Effective.
Many of the electronic products used today contain varying amounts of hazardous and / or toxic materials, and this creates risk for the owners of these products. Proper disposal of items that contain ‘E-Waste’ materials is important and should only be performed by a company certified to handle and dispose of E-Waste materials. Chesapeak Shredding is your E-Waste Recycling Specialist..

Hard Drive Destruction

100% Hard Drive Destruction with 0% Data Recovery
Sensitive information is no longer conveyed in only paper documents like checks and contracts. Today, classified materials exist in many formats, such as computer hard drives, CD’s and DVD’s, cassette tapes, video tapes, x-rays and more. But you can’t overlook other proprietary items that may be valuable to your competitors or customers, such as prototypes, product samples, promotional coupons and even conference room brainstorming flip charts.

Magnetic Media/X-Ray Film

Secure media Destruction of old CD-ROMs, backup tapes, old floppy disks and other magnetic media is covered by Chesapeak Shredding. This service includes X-Ray film, medical records.